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In-Vehicle-Personal-Meter (IVPM) by EasyPark: A Single, Simple, Easy, Powerful, and Cost-effective solution to manage multiple parking tasks:

  • A “Permit-less” Permit Solution: EasyPark provides a comprehensive permit management solution in which an electronic smart device in the vehicle completely replaces the traditional solution based on paper and plastic, stickers and decals.
  • A “Meter-less” Meter Solution: Pay-as- you-go with your personal pre-paid digital meter.
  • A Solution that Opens Doors: Use EasyPark’s NFC proxy capability to trigger parking lot gates.
  • A Solution that Helps Manage:  Permit and personal account activities, parking revenue, zone and rate updates, parking history reports, and more.

EasyPark provides colleges with a single modular solution that addresses multiple parking challenges college campuses face today with flexible Permit and Pay-as-you-Go options.

Even better, the initial cost does not change regardless of the configuration. 

The EasyPark PERMIT Solution is:

  • The ONLY electronic permit system that provides thousands of combinations of zones and rate options: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Event-base, Faculty, Staff, Housing, Vendors etc.  Each device is customized to reflect specific privileges, balances, and restrictions.
  • The ONLY electronic permit system that drivers display in their vehicle that completely eliminates the hassle of designing, printing, and distributing new paper or plastic stickers and decals every year.
  • The ONLY electronic permit system that allows colleges to change configurations and load funds or time into each device by utilizing a centralized online system.

The EasyPark Pay-as-You-Go Solution is: 

  • The ONLY smart solution that enables colleges to deploy permit, pay-as-you-go, or a combination of both with a single system, and without cost increments or capital investment.
  • A COMPLETE green solution: NO need to cannibalize college grounds. NO need to install street meters of any kind. NO littering with paper receipts.

Management Options:

  • Centralized Management:  College manages all devices and accounts through a centralized system.
  • Distributed Management Option: Individuals have online personal accounts to manage pre-defined tasks.

Complementary Solutions:

EasyPark also offers additional complementary solutions:

  • Smartphone Mobile applications
  • Pay-by-phone
  • Real-time occupancy management

Economical and cost effective:

  • Just under $3 cost per device per year:  Given the lifespan of an EasyPark device, annualized cost shows real cost to be between $2 and $3 per year.
  • Modular Approach:  Packages are offered to accommodate entry level needs to complete campus deployment.

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"For my company, EasyPark has been a life saver in what it has done to make my job, and the jobs of our technicians, more efficient… This also assisted our technicians’ pocket books and saves our company money in the long term. I would recommend EasyPark to any business with a staff that conducts hourly business in the downtown quadrants I love this gadget! Thanks EasyPark!"

- Missy,
Office Manager,
Large telecommunications company
Austin, TX