Campuses: Colleges, Universities, and Hospitals

In-Vehicle-Personal-Meter (IVPM) by EasyPark: A Single, Simple, Easy, Powerful, and Cost-effective solution to manage multiple parking tasks:

  • A “Permit-less” Permit Solution: EasyPark provides a comprehensive permit management solution in which an electronic smart device in the vehicle completely replaces the traditional solution based on paper and plastic, stickers and decals.
  • A “Meter-less” Meter Solution: Pay-as- you-go with your personal pre-paid digital meter.
  • A Solution that Opens Doors: Use EasyPark’s NFC proxy capability to trigger parking lot gates.
  • A Solution that Helps Manage:  Permit and personal account activities, parking revenue, zone and rate updates, parking history reports, and more.

EasyPark provides colleges with a single modular solution that addresses multiple parking challenges college campuses face today with flexible Permit and Pay-as-you-Go options.

Even better, the initial cost does not change regardless of the configuration. 

The EasyPark PERMIT Solution is:

  • The ONLY electronic permit system that provides thousands of combinations of zones and rate options: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Annual, Event-base, Faculty, Staff, Housing, Vendors etc.  Each device is customized to reflect specific privileges, balances, and restrictions.
  • The ONLY electronic permit system that drivers display in their vehicle that completely eliminates the hassle of designing, printing, and distributing new paper or plastic stickers and decals every year.
  • The ONLY electronic permit system that allows colleges to change configurations and load funds or time into each device by utilizing a centralized online system.

The EasyPark Pay-as-You-Go Solution is:

  • The ONLY smart solution that enables colleges to deploy permit, pay-as-you-go, or a combination of both with a single system, and without cost increments or capital investment.
  • COMPLETE green solution: NO need to cannibalize college grounds. NO need to install street meters of any kind. NO littering with paper receipts.

Management Options:

  • Centralized Management:  College manages all devices and accounts through a centralized system.
  • Distributed Management Option: Individuals have online personal accounts to manage pre-defined tasks.

Complementary Solutions:

EasyPark also offers additional complementary solutions:

  • Smartphone Mobile applications
  • Pay-by-phone
  • Real-time occupancy management

Economical and cost effective:

  • Just under $3 cost per device per year:  Given the lifespan of an EasyPark device, annualized cost shows real cost to be between $2 and $3 per year.
  • Modular Approach:  Packages are offered to accommodate entry level needs to complete campus deployment.