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Welcome to EasyPark at Dover, NH!  

Dover, NH is the first city in New England to provide the convenience of the EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter program to its residents.

You may use your EasyPark device in Portsmouth and Manchester as well as Dover!

EasyPark device is $29.95 (+Shipping & Handling)* Includes $10 in pre-paid parking fees.

EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter affords you several advantages:

  • No longer need to have coins or a credit card when parking.
  • No longer need to go back and forth to the meter. Just turn your EasyPark on for the zone you are in and enjoy your visit downtown.
  • No longer have to predict how long you will be parked. Just turn the device off when you are done.
  • Pay by the minute. No one hour minimum for credit cards or 20 minutes for coins/tokens.
  • You can turn it on before the hours of meter operation. It won't start charging until 9 am.
  • You don't have to come out to turn it off. The EasyPark device will stop charging once meter hours end.
  • It will remind you every 60 seconds with a tone in the event you drive away and don't turn it off.

Join the EasyPark program by purchasing a device (with $10 in parking pre-loaded) for $29.95
There is a $1.10/month service fee per device (or $11 per year if Annual Membership is selected).

Click here to purchase a device from this site (applicable shipping charges will be added) 
Go to the Dover Police Department:
46 Locust Street, Dover, NH.

Office hours are Mon-Fri 8:30 am to 4 pm.    

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Click here for the City of Dover Parking Bureau web site.  

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