Frequently Asked Questions

What is EasyPark?

EasyPark is a comprehensive easy-to-use electronic parking payment system that provides the ultimate solution for drivers - paying for time parked as designated by your location and receiving parking reports on usage and proceeds. The core of the EasyPark system lies in a durable, adaptable, contactless, multi-application in-vehicle device.
Convenience: No need to look for coins, run to the meter or the pay-and-display machine, EasyPark is always ready to use. Accuracy: No need to estimate how much time you will need. The device will be charged for the time parked. Easy to replenish: Log in to your account online to replenish your EasyPark device. Environmentally friendly: No more printed stubs or validation tickets. Proof of parking history is accessed on this website through the My Account page.
EasyPark allows businesses to save valuable time and money. For example, with EasyPark the cost of parking is easily controlled through the back office application. For a complete list of advantages, please visit our Business/Commercial page, or to inquire further regarding corporate accounts, please call us at 1-855-US-EASY-P (855-873-2797), or fill out the Contact Us form.

How It Works

You can purchase a new device through this website, once your municipality starts using the system, just go to the Sign Up page. If you already have an account with EasyPark, you may purchase an additional device through the Order a Device link from within your account.
Launch the "Transfer Funds To Device" page and follow the wizard to initiate transfer of the money. Then connect your device to the computer using the supplied USB cable and launch the "Synchronize Your Device" page. Choose one of the 2 methods offered to synchronize the money on your device and follow the instructions.
The device should be displayed according to your location's specific instructions. In general, simply hook the EasyPark hanger on the top of the window pane facing outward. Then roll the window up until the hanger is secured at the top of the window.
You should follow the instructions of your specific location. In general, press the ON button once to see your balance and preset parking city (if applicable). Press the ON button a second time and use the up and down arrows to choose your parking zone, then press ON a third time to set it to Park Mode. Your device is now active for parking purposes, as indicated by the display showing the letter P in the bottom left corner, along with the city and parking zone (if applicable), and time remaining (in accordance with maximum parking limits or dollar balance on your device, whichever is less).
Simply press the OFF button to exit Park Mode and turn your device off.
The duration of time allowed will be displayed on the device screen when the device is set to “Park Mode�. It is determined by zone regulations and device account balance. After the maximum parking time elapses, the device will turn off automatically. If this occurs, you may run the risk of receiving a parking violation.
Registering your device on the website provides protection for you in the event your device is lost or stolen. If your registered device is lost or stolen, please call the EasyPark hotline at 1-855-US-EASY-P (855-873-2797) or report it on the EasyPark website ( We will block the reported device from being connected to our website, and flag it to be confiscated by parking authorities or authorized service center management if found.
The device stores all recent parking activities. As soon as you receive a violation you believe to be in error, upload your latest parking activities to our website using your USB connection. You can then print out a report with the relevant parking details to dispute your violation with the proper authorities.
Java is necessary for establishing a communicative link between your EasyPark device and our EasyPark servers. This is how we are able to update your EasyPark device with the latest software updates, synchronize the internal clock on the EasyPark device, and transfer funds from your account to your EasyPark device.
Since the EasyPark device is as good as cash for the purchase of parking time, there is no refund on lost devices. In other words, in the event your device is lost or stolen, bears no liability for the remaining balance on the device.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

When you device battery is low, the device will display a "Low Battery" icon.
We recommend following these instructions closely when changing your device battery: Obtain a replacement battery (model CR2032 Lithium Ion battery). Press "OFF" to ensure your device is not in "Park Mode". Remove plastic hanger and unscrew the battery cover on the back of the device. Carefully remove the old battery. Carefully place the new battery in exactly the same way the old battery was placed. Replace the battery cover. Connect the device using the USB cable, and sync it with the website ( in order to reset the internal clock and update the software in the device. If your device is not working after following these steps, please call us at 1-855-US-EASY-P (855-873-2797) to seek resolution.
Minimum suggested system requirements: Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.6.8 and newer Java Version: Java 6 update 38 minimum (EasyPark USA recommends updating to the latest version) Browser: EasyPark USA recommends using Internet Explorer 9 (for PC running Windows) or Safari 6 (for Mac OS X)
An EasyPark device can only be registered to one person at a time. Please contact EasyParkUSA at 1-855-US-EASY-P (855-873-2797) to seek resolution.
This may be caused because of a third party component that may be using Java and has allowed the certificate to expire. To correct this on a PC: Open Java in the Control Panel: Start > Control Panel (Type in Java in the search bar if you can't find it.) In the Java Control Panel Go to the Advanced tab > Advanced Security Settings UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation" CHECK the option: "Enable list of trusted publishers" To correct this on a MAC: Go to /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences or click on the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Java Go to the Advanced tab > Security section UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation" CHECK the option: "Enable list of trusted publishers" The next time you launch the EasyPark java applet it may prompt you with "certification failed the validation" and give you the option to trust it anyway. Select the option to indicate that you trust it, and it should be fine from then on.

Got a question? Call us: Toll-free 1- 855 - US - EASYP (873-2797)