EasyPark is a comprehensive, easy-to-use parking information and payment solution. The system was designed and built taking into consideration the budget constraints of municipalities, allowing for cost effective modular implementation. At the center of the system is the EasyPark in-vehicle device providing the most cost effective and secured payment for parking solution to date. EasyPark communicates with supporting information systems to provide real-time information to the driver and city.

With EasyPark:

  • Municipality retains 100% of the collected parking fees
  • No need for upfront capital investment
    With EasyPark, there is no need for huge construction projects or to install an extensive IT system. EasyPark is simple, easy and cost effective for the municipality (and of course the driver)
  • Start small and grow
    With EasyPark municipalities can expand the system to accomodate the growing needs of the municipality and provide real-time information and reports
  • Be the leader in your region
    With EasyPark multiple municipalities can accept the same device.  Be the first in your region, and your neighbors will follow your lead
  • Be up and running in no time
    With EasyPark, setup time is minimal and deployment is simple, easy and cost effective

Additionally, with EasyPark you can:

  •  change rates and zones as needed
  •  work in parallel with current deployed parking payment solutions
  •  offer a sustainable, eco-friendly solution

 EasyPark is perfect for:

  • Cities and zones with no existing on-street infrastructure
  • Permit management
  • Zones, times, privileges and restrictions, rates, groups (city workers, judges, police personnel, firefighters, handicap, etc.)
  • Long-term and short-term: annual permits, hourly and special events
  • Permit fraud and misuse prevention
  • On-street and off-street parking as an integrated solution
  • Providing a unique, simple, convenient, cost-effective solution with unmatched benefits to frequent parkers: corporate fleets, vehicles constantly on the move, professionals and more

For more information on in-vehicle parking meters, please check out these articles by Donald Shoup, Professor, Department of Urban Planning, UCLA School of Public Affairs:

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