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Published at: 2013-10-09

EasyPark decals popping up to promote new system

EasyPark decals popping up to promote new system

by KVUE.com



Posted on October 9, 2013 at 3:58 PM


Updated yesterday at 4:06 PM


AUSTIN -- Parking around Austin will soon be easier thanks to EasyPark and new signage is aimed at helping you find the spots.

Decals indicating the new pay option have now been installed across the city. Each decal will indicate the zone you are in, which must be input into the device in your car.

The city of Austin implemented the EasyPark system of in-vehicle-parking-meters earlier this year.

The portable device allows you to transfer money online to the system. It is then displayed from your window to show you’ve paid.

The device needs to be hanging from the side widow closest to the curb. For angled parking it is display from the driver’s side.

"Our goal by introducing EasyPark is to make parking even more convenient by providing drivers with a cashless, pre-paid option that means less risk of forgetting to pay, or having to stop at a meter if you’re running late,” City of Austin Parking Enterprise Manager Steve Grassfield said.

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