EasyPark, Arlington's New in-Vehicle Parking Meter

Published at: 2015-03-23

Source: Arlington, VA - Newsroom

EasyPark, Arlington's New in-Vehicle Parking Meter

March 23, 2015

  • Pay only for the time you are parked
  • Purchase and reload on-line
  • iParks can still be used

Arlington County Treasurer Carla de la Pava today announced the latest convenience in Arlington parking - the EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter. The successor to Arlington's popular iPark device, EasyPark combines the ease of coin-free/credit card-free parking with the convenience of Internet customer service.

"The iPark was very popular, and EasyPark is even better," de la Pava said. "It makes metered parking simple and easy. We are pleased to partner with the manufacturer, OTI America, to make EasyPark available to everyone who parks in Arlington."

"Customers who already have iParks can still use and reload their iParks for as long as they last," de la Pava said. Customers can reload their iParks over the phone at 703-228-3082 or at the Arlington Treasurer's Office, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Window 215.

Here's how EasyPark works at metered Arlington spaces:

  • Park your car at a metered space and turn on your EasyPark
  • Select the type of meter and hang your EasyPark on your front driver's side window.
  • Go on your way!
  • Return to your car, turn off your EasyPark, and pay only for the time you were parked.

You can purchase and add parking money to your EasyPark on-line, and even download a copy of your recent parking history for tax and expense account purposes. Best of all, your EasyPark will automatically update itself with new parking rules every time you connect. Visit www.easyparkusa.com/arlingtonva to get started. The website offers live chat assistance, and a help line for telephone support.

Arlington EasyParks cost $30, which includes $25 for the EasyPark device and $5 for parking time. An additional $5 in parking time is added at no cost to you for a total of $10 in parking time.

There is $1.50 in Virginia sales tax charged for each EasyPark device. Shipping and handling charges apply. You can avoid shipping and handling charges by purchasing your EasyPark at the Arlington Treasurer's Office.

For your convenience, you can also reload your EasyPark in person at the Arlington Treasurer's Office. There is a $2 fee each time you reload your EasyPark. There are no membership fees for Arlington EasyPark customers.

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