EasyPark Comes to Durham, NH

Published at: 2017-09-07

EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter system comes to Durham

DOVER — The Town of Durham announced Wednesday the introduction of the EasyPark in-vehicle parking meter as a method to pay for parking in designated zones in Durham.

Town officials are available at the Police Department to answer any specific questions about the program, and individual units may be purchased at Dover City Hall or online at www.easyparkusa.com.

EasyPark expects the introduction of Durham to improve its market penetration in New Hampshire. Its parking region now includes four communities: Durham, Manchester, Portsmouth and Dover, the first city in the U.S to use the parking system.

The Town of Durham is now providing more residents of New Hampshire and students, faculty and staff at the University of New Hampshire with an easy, cashless and more cost-effective way to pay for parking, according to a press release from EasyPark. EasyPark zones are in Pettee Brook and Depot lots in Durham. The EasyPark will be accessible in zones where pay and display areas are located.

EasyPark is an in-vehicle metering transponder that will allow drivers the opportunity to pay for parking by the click of a button instead of having to get out of the car to pay a meter.

The product is no bigger than a credit card. EasyPark can be pre-loaded with funds to pay for parking and is designed to ease frustrations due to being overcharged at the meter because it charges customers by the minute.

According to the company, the system is more environmentally friendly, removing paper receipts from the transaction process.

Similar to a traditional parking pay stub, the device needs to be hanging from the side window closest to the curb. There is an on and off button and an up and down arrow on the transponder. Drivers will turn on the device, choose the town they are parking in, which parking area they are located at, be notified how much money they have left in their account, how much it will cost to park in their spot and then be on their way.

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When the money runs out, the box flashes “expired” the same way a traditional meter does. For angled parking it is display from the driver’s side.

The device is $29.95 to purchase, with $10 included in pre-loaded parking fees, with a separate monthly or annual membership fee of $1.10 per month or $11 per year. There is also a reloading fee that will be charged every time funds are added to the account.

EasyPark allows customers to purchase and add parking funds to their account online. They can also download a copy of their parking history for tax and expense purposes. Each time a customer connects with their EasyPark system, it will automatically update itself with any new parking rules and regulations.

Similar to the E-Z Pass toll system, the EasyPark transponder unit can sit on the vehicle’s dashboard or on the driver’s side window by using an attached clip.

EasyPark will not charge for parking on weekends or holidays.

EasyPark beeps to notify drivers that it is on in case a customer forgets to turn off the device once they have left their parking space.

EasyPark USA is one of North America’s only operating in-vehicle parking meter programs. Currently serving seven communities and four universities in four time zones in North America, EasyPark boasts the largest portfolio of municipal clients in the personal parking meter industry. EasyPark USA’s parent, Smart Parking Solutions, operates private parking facilities in the U.S. and Canada and distributes parking technologies for the public and private sector.