Account Set Up and Ongoing Charges

Below are the fees associated with account registration to begin parking with EasyPark in Portsmouth, NH*

EasyPark device is $29.95 (+Shipping & Handling)
(Includes $10 in parking funds on the in-vehicle parking meter)


Membership Fee

EasyPark charges a membership fee, either monthly or annualy depending on which you choose.

The monthly fee is $1 per month charged to your credit card. Alternatively, you may opt for the annual fee and pay $10 per year.

With your membership fee you receive live on-line and phone support, the ability to add more funds to your EasyPark device, access to your parking history since sign-up and battery replacement (up to once every 12 months).

Reloading Fee

A reloading fee will be charged when you add parking funds to your account. 

You may add up to $100 for every device in your account. Here is a list of possible reloading denomination and their corresponding fees:

Parking Funds Reloading Fee
$10 $2.95
$20 $2.95
$30 $2.95
$40 $2.95
$50 $2.95
$75 $3.45
$100 $3.95

For amounts over $100, an additional $3.95 will be charged per $100 added to your account.

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