Account Set Up and Ongoing Charges

Below are the fees associated with account registration to begin parking with EasyPark in Portsmouth, NH*

EasyPark device is $29.95 (+Shipping & Handling)
(Includes $10 in parking funds on the in-vehicle parking meter)


Membership Fee

EasyPark charges a membership fee, either monthly or annualy depending on which you choose.

The monthly fee is $1 per month charged to your credit card. Alternatively, you may opt for the annual fee and pay $10 per year.

With your membership fee you receive live on-line and phone support, the ability to add more funds to your EasyPark device, access to your parking history since sign-up and battery replacement (up to once every 12 months).

Reloading Fee

A reloading fee will be charged when you add parking funds to your account. 

You may add up to $100 for every device in your account. Here is a list of possible reloading denomination and their corresponding fees:

Parking Funds Reloading Fee
$10 $2.95
$20 $2.95
$30 $2.95
$40 $2.95
$50 $2.95
$75 $3.45
$100 $3.95

For amounts over $100, an additional $3.95 will be charged per $100 added to your account.

Please note:

Effective May 1, 2015, there will be a change to the costs associated with using the EasyPark services. The changes affect your membership fees and the fees associated with adding funds to your account. The breakdown of changes are as follows:

Membership Period Membership Fee (effective May 1, 2015)
Monthly $1.10
Annual $11.00

Parking Funds Reloading Fee (effective May 1, 2015)
$10 $3.25
$20 $3.25
$30 $3.25
$40 $3.25
$50 $3.25
$75 $3.70
$100 $4.25

For amounts over $100, an additional $4.25 will be charged per each $100 or part thereof added to your account. There will be no changes to the costs of the devices.

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